help you can trust

We are a local Dallas commercial cleaning company to help with all your sanitation and waste removal needs. 

Meticulous Planning

We cover a range of services including trash pickup, restroom clean up, and floor cleaning that are available for your suite.

Completion On Time

We have many available hourly blocks that can be reserved for suite cleaning.

Perfect Execution

Your office will look spotless every time. We make sure each office gets a fresh restart to be ready for the following day's activities.

Affordable Prices

To keep up with the competition, we offer competitive rates. Being a local company, we are upfront with our capabilities and services.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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Our Specialization

Our primary goal is to make sure businesses have a clean and sanitary environment in which to operate. Sanitation is key to prevent the spread of germs and viruses that can be spread in a condensed office environment.

All Aspects of Commercial Cleaning

From bathrooms to office cubicles, we can handle cleaning any internal space in an office.

Great Results Every Time

Our quality team delivers quality results on every project. We are diligent and committed to your health.

Excellent Local Service

MCS is a local cleaning company and we treat all of our customers with a friendly, Texas attitude.

Trash Pickup in every suite

We take the time to remove all trash from each cubicle and main community trash areas. Everyone wants an office that has the least amount of clutter.

refreshed office environment

We provide a number of services including vacuuming and counter sanitation so offices can be fully taken care of.

Fully clean and stocked bathrooms

We use heavy-duty cleaning supplies to ensure germs and viruses are eradicated. We also make sure all the supplies are fully socked.